Does Wellbutrin cause hypoglycemia? 

Does Wellbutrin cause hypoglycemia? 

Wellbutrin does not generally cause hypoglycemia and it’s not commonly reported. However, that might not be the case for every other individual. Some people may experience low blood sugar levels, increased or decreased appetite, and weakness on this medication. 

If you feel weak or find yourself lightheaded along with low energy levels, it’s best to check your blood sugar levels. Wellbutrin may affect people differently. 

If you suffer from diabetes and are currently taking antidiabetic medications along with Wellbutrin, you might experience hypoglycemia – especially if your doses are not adjusted accordingly.

What does research suggest?

Several research studies have indicated that Wellbutrin reduces blood sugar levels in some patients. The incidence of this side effect is not that high, but there are some cases reported. 

Some studies have indicated that Bupropion may increase insulin secretion, which may result in hypoglycemia. However, this theory is not tested on human cells (1). In clinical practice, this side effect is not frequently addressed.

However, experts suggest that people who are diabetic and are currently taking antidiabetics along with Wellbutrin may experience hypoglycemia more commonly, as compared to healthy individuals –  which can also trigger excessive hunger and agitation.

What to do if Wellbutrin causes hypoglycemia? 

Reach out to your healthcare provider if you think Wellbutrin is causing your blood sugar levels to go down. Although it’s not a common side effect of this antidepressant, it could still affect some people. 

If Wellbutrin is affecting your sugar levels, your doctor may try dose adjustments to help prevent that from happening. If you’re diabetic, dose reduction can help you with your hypoglycemia. 

However, if you’re a healthy individual and Wellbutrin continues to reduce your sugar levels even after dose reduction, your doctor will most likely taper you off Wellbutrin and safely switch you to another antidepressant. 

Meanwhile, you should take good care of your diet. If you feel Wellbutrin is making you weak, make sure you add healthy and fulfilling foods to your diet. Your body should get all the essential nutrients for normal physiological functioning. 

If Wellbutrin is increasing your appetite, making good food choices can help satiate your cravings without making you gain a tremendous amount of weight. Make sure you don’t make any changes to your prescription without consulting your doctor first. 

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