Can Lisinopril cause a false positive drug test? 

Can Lisinopril cause a false positive drug test? 

No, Lisinopril does not cause a false positive in a drug test. Lisinopril is an ACE Inhibitor, a class of medications used for the management of heart rate and blood pressure. 

Lisinopril is not a controlled substance or a drug of abuse, which is why the entire class of ACE Inhibitors is not included in the panel of drugs that are usually tested in standard drug urine immunoassays (1). 

If you’re on this medication and you have a drug test coming up, it will most likely not make you fail a test. However, it’s best to inform the drug testing authority about the medications you’re currently taking. 

Most people skip taking their meds a day or two before the test date to avoid a false positive coming up, but I don’t recommend doing that with antihypertensives – especially if you have a cardiac condition. 

What can cause a false positive on a drug test?

Some medications may give a false positive because of their chemical similarity to the medicines being tested for. For instance, some drugs, meals, and supplements may result in false-positive results for Amphetamines or Opioids by cross-reacting with the antibodies used in the urine immunoassays.

Test samples may contain impurities that result in a false positive. This may occur if the sample is handled improperly, or the collection container or testing apparatus is not thoroughly cleaned.

It is best to inform the drug testing authorities about any prescription or OTC medications you frequently use. This will help in case you get a false positive, as it is quite a common thing to happen with preliminary drug testing procedures.

Final words

To sum up, it is nothing to worry about if you take Lisinopril and you have a drug test coming up, as this medication does not generally cause a false positive. However, it is still best to be on the safe side and disclose your meds to the drug testing authorities before the test.

Some people skip taking the prescription medication 2-3 days prior to the test, which may not harm you if you’re taking OTC meds, but prescription meds like LIsinopril – which actively controls a chronic condition like hypertension – should never be stopped. 

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