Can you cut Lisinopril in half? 

Can you cut Lisinopril in half? 

Yes, you can safely cut Lisinopril in half. The majority of the Lisinopril tablets are actually scored to help you break them into two equal halves. Lisinopril is available in a wide range of dosage strengths. 

So, If you want to cut the tablets for splitting the dose, you can check if your dose is available in the market as a separate formulation. If cost reduction is what you are looking for, you can safely cut Lisinopril tablets in half. 

If your tablets are scored, that’s great! If not, you can still split them using a very sharp knife or a proper pill cutter. If you’re cutting Lisinopril in half because it’s difficult for you to consume entire tablets, you can crush this medication as well.

Risks associated with cutting Lisinopril in half 

Lisinopril tablet cutting is not necessarily associated with any risk, but you need to do it in the right way to protect your medication from environmental damage. 

This is because most of these tablets have an outer coating that protects the tablets from moisture penetration, which is one of the biggest enemies of pharmaceutical product stability. 

Moisture can literally make your medication unpalatable with time. So as long as you’re protecting your split tablets from moisture by storing them right, it shouldn’t be a problem. 

This is also not recommended to cut your entire prescription tablet at once. Make sure you cut a tablet when it’s time for you to take your dose, and secure the other half properly. 

On the other hand, tablet cutting for dose reduction can sometimes be a failure because of uneven sizes of the two halves, which can affect content uniformity and you may end up taking more or less than the actual dose(1).

Alternatives to cutting Lisinopril

If cutting Lisinopril tablets seem like a big deal to you, you can either purchase a lower dose or ask your pharmacist for an alternative. Lisinopril is also available in oral liquid form which you can take if you don’t want to cut or crush Lisinopril tablets. 

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