Should you take Celexa in the morning or at night? 

Should you take Celexa in the morning or at night? 

You can take Celexa at any time of the day. This antidepressant is usually taken once every day and you can take it either in the morning or at night. 

However, Celexa is associated with some side effects that can make a difference if you change the time you take this medication. Let’s look at some common side effects and the best time to take Celexa to mitigate them (1). 

  • Insomnia – take it in the morning. 
  • Sleepiness/drowsiness /fatigue – take it at night. 
  • Sexual side effects – take it in the morning. 
  • Loss of appetite – take it at night. 
  • Frequent urination – take it in the morning. 

Taking Celexa in accordance with your side effects can help reduce their intensity. Let’s take an example of insomnia. If you take Celexa at night, the insomnia you’ll experience on it will be worse as the concentration of Celexa would be at its peak during the nighttime. 

If you take it early in the morning, this can help your body adjust to the dose a little by the night comes and you may not find falling asleep as difficult. 

This doesn’t guarantee an escape from side effects, but it surely works to decrease the intensity of it. Make sure you closely monitor your side effects and discuss them with your doctor on your next visit. 

What to do if you wish to change the time at which you currently take Celexa?

If you think your current time of taking Celexa does not fit well with the side effects you are experiencing, talk to your healthcare provider. The most common way of changing the time is to skip your dose and take it at the desired time.

For example, if someone wants to take Celexa in the morning, he/she can switch the time by skipping the nighttime dose and taking it the following morning instead – from where they can continue to take Celexa in the morning each day.

However, it is in your best interest to reach out to your healthcare provider if you wish to change the time. It might not be that simple for every other individual.

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