Does Vyvanse decrease libido? 

Does Vyvanse decrease libido? 

Vyvanse may or may not decrease your libido as this medication is also associated with hypersexuality in both men and women. The sexual side effects of Amphetamines are different in different individuals and how your body reacts to the medication also plays a huge role as we all have different genetics (1,2). 

In men, Vyvanse can cause both hypersexuality and loss of libido. In fact, it can also cause erectile dysfunction. Both loss and gain of sexual desire are also common in women and it is extremely impossible to predict who will suffer from which kind of sexual side effect.

What does research suggest?

Research suggests that a decrease in libido can be a possible side effect of Vyvanse, although the exact incidence is not clearly established. However, a decrease or increase in libido is listed as a side effect in FDA-provided drug information (3). 

People taking standard therapeutic doses of Vyvanse or any Amphetamine-like medication may not affect libido. However, illicit use can affect the entire reproductive system majorly.

In a study involving 1,159 Amphetamine illicit drug users, it was found that about half of the participants reported no impact on their sexual functions, while the other half experienced various effects (4).

These effects included reduced erectile rigidity and sexual life satisfaction, increased orgasmic intensity, and longer ejaculation latency time. The frequency of Amphetamine dosing was associated with its impact on sexual functions, but the duration of use had minimal influence.

The prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED) was significantly higher in the drug users compared to the controls. The study concluded that the illicit use of amphetamine can have varying effects on male sexual functions. 

What to do if you suffer from Vyvanse-induced loss of libido? 

If Vyvanse is continuously making you lose interest in sex and you’re concerned about it, talk to your healthcare provider. Only your doctor can determine if it’s safe for you to continue using this medication or not. 

If it’s affecting your reproductive organs negatively, your doctor either tries dose reduction or switches you to another medication. Make sure you don’t stop using Vyvanse without your doctor’s approval. 

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