Can you crush Terbinafine tablets? 

Can you crush Terbinafine tablets? 

Yes, you can crush Terbinafine tablets if you can’t swallow the tablets whole. You can mix it with food for ease of administration and for masking the bitter taste of the drug. 

Although crushing tablets is never considered ideal, you can still do that if you’re doing it right away. It’s always best to talk to your healthcare provider if you’re finding it difficult to take the prescribed tablets. 

Potential risks of crushing Terbinafine tablets

Crushed Terbinafine tablets don’t necessarily cause any harmful effects, but crushing the tablet improperly or not taking the entire prescribed dose can make a difference. 

This is why you need to make sure you take every last bit of that crushed tablet to maintain dose uniformity. Some people may leave some powder stuck to the container they put it in. 

If you’re taking this medication with water, you can always add more water if any powder is stuck to the glass and drink it. It is also quite important to make sure that you don’t store the crushed Terbinafine for later use. 

It can accelerate drug degradation, as you shouldn’t let it sit exposed to the environment for so long. It is also important to make sure you don’t add it to something it’s not compatible with, like alcoholic beverages

Alternatives to crushing Terbinafine 

Although it is okay to crush Terbinafine tablets, it is still best to look for alternatives first. You can talk to your pharmacist for an alternative easily available for you to buy. 

Terbinafine is also available in the form of topical preparations(1). However, your condition may not be completely treated with just a topical preparation of this antifungal medication, especially if it’s severe. 

This is why you should discuss the alternatives with your doctor or pharmacist, and ask them if it’s okay for you to crush the tablets if there’s no other way around it. 

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