Dr Maryam Shabbir (PhD)

Dr Maryam Shabbir PhD is a pharmacist with expertise in drugs delivery, pharmacology, dosage form design, transdermal drug delivery system, microneedles, and solubility enhancement. She writes and reviews content on these topics.


Dr Maryam Shabbir’s Highlights: 


Assistant Professor at The University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan.

PhD in Pharmaceutics with a focus on solubility enhancement of BCS class II and III drugs and their delivery through transdermal route using microneedles.

Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Lahore with a two-year scholarship.



Professional Experience: 


Dr Maryam Shabbir joined Faculty of Pharmacy, The University of Lahore as soon as she completed her Pharm-D in 2010. In 2017, she got promoted as an assistant professor. 


Dr Maryam Shabbir has supervised twenty two M.Phil. students in pharmaceutics in areas such as transdermal drug delivery system, nanoparticles, microparticle, solid dispersion, and transdermal patches.


Dr Maryam Shabbir has also contributed to several business consultancies and research projects, including the development of lyophilized wafer of Acyclovir with Medisearch Pharmacal Pvt. Ltd., a major pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan.She has also worked as a team member in one of the Contract Research Organizations of Pakistan.


Dr Maryam Shabbir has organized two International conferences and three national conferences as conference secretary for the University of Lahore in collaboration with Punjab Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.


Dr Maryam Shabbir has submitted two patents to the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO), and three patents are in pipeline. She has also presented her work in different exhibitions organized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. She works in close liaison with the Innovation Hub, University of Lahore, Pakistan.


Dr Maryam Shabbir participated as a member of the examination board for several Master’s exams and as an external examiner for Pharm-D in reputable universities of Pakistan. She is also a member of Punjab Pharmacy Council and Pakistan Pharmacist Association.




2010 Pharm D at the University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan

2013 Master of Philosophy (Pharmaceutics) at the University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan

2022 PhD (Pharmaceutics) at the University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan


The main publications of Dr. Maryam Shabbir are:


Zoya I, Xia J, Murtaza G, Shabbir M, Rehman K, Liang Y, et al. Targeting WNT Signaling Pathways as New Therapeutic Strategies for Osteoarthritis. Journal of Drug Targeting. 2023(just-accepted):1-55. 

Shabbir M, Barkat K, Ashraf MU, Nagra U, Shah SNH. Assessment of formulation variables of poor water soluble diacerein for its improved loading and anti-inflammatory activity. Drug Delivery and Translational Research. 2023;13(6):1780-98.

Shabbir M, Barkat K, Ashraf MU, Nagra U. Development of a novel self-dissolving microneedle-assisted percutaneous delivery system of diacerein through solid dispersion gel: solubility enhancement, proof of anti-inflammatory activity and safety. Current Drug Delivery. 2023;20(9):1351-67.

Saeed S, Barkat K, Ashraf MU, Shabbir M, Anjum I, Badshah SF, et al. Flexible Topical Hydrogel Patch Loaded with Antimicrobial Drug for Accelerated Wound Healing. Gels. 2023;9(7):567.

Iqbal Z, Rehman K, Xia J, Shabbir M, Zaman M, Liang Y, et al. Biomaterial-assisted targeted and controlled delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 for Precise Gene Editing. Biomaterials Science. 2023.

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Nagra U, Barkat K, Ashraf MU, Shabbir M. Feasibility of Enhancing Skin Permeability of Acyclovir through Sterile Topical Lyophilized Wafer on Self-Dissolving Microneedle-Treated Skin. Dose-Response. 2022;20(2):15593258221097594.

Arshad J, Barkat K, Ashraf MU, Badshah SF, Ahmad Z, Anjum I, Shabbir M, Mehmood Y, Khalid I, Malik NS, Bin Jardan YAl. Fabrication of pH responsive hydrogel blends of chondroitin sulfate/pluronic F-127 for the controlled release of ketorolac: its characterization and acute oral toxicity study. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy. 2022;48(11):611-22.

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Conference papers

Shabbir M (2022), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): A Policy Gap between Health and Pharmaceutical Industry. In International Social Science Conference 2022 (School of International Social Sciences, University of Lahore).

Shabbir M (2022), Controlling Permeation of Ketoprofen and Allopurinol through Bilayer Transdermal Patch using Multiple Pharmaceutical Ingredients. In Current Advancement in Pharmacy Practice (CAPP)- Theory to Practice (University of Lahore, Lahore)

Shabbir M (2018), Nanocarriers Mediated Photodynamic Therapy for the Treatment of Different Cancers. In the 4th Annual International Pharmacy Scientific Symposium and Poster Exhibition-2018 (University of Central Punjab, Lahore).

Shabbir M (2018), Lipid Enveloped Polymeric Nanoparticles for Targeted Photodynamic Chemotherapy. In the 3rd International Health Trigon Summit-2018 (University of Lahore).


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