Should I take Pristiq in the morning or at night? 

Should I take Pristiq in the morning or at night? 

You can take Pristiq at any time of the day, either in the morning or at night. It doesn’t come with time restrictions and you can take it when you find it most suitable according to your side effects (1). 

Just make sure you take Paxil at the same time each day for consistent results. If you wish to change your current timing, consult your doctor. 

When is it better to take Pristiq in the morning? 

It’s better to take Pristiq in the morning if it causes sleep disturbances. Pristiq is associated with a number of side effects and can affect your sleep architecture. 

Some people experience insomnia and nightmares, which will definitely hit you more severely if you take this antidepressant at night. This is why such people should take Pristiq in the morning to reduce the intensity of insomnia at night. 

It might not guarantee an escape from insomnia completely, but you may find it less problematic. Similarly, Pristiq may cause sexual side effects in some people, like loss of libido or inability to reach climax. 

Such people should also take Pristiq in the morning to reduce the intensity of these side effects till nighttime comes. 

When is it better to take Pristiq at night? 

Pristiq may cause exhaustion, laziness, drowsiness, and dizziness in some individuals. These side effects are frequently reported, especially in people who are new to Pristiq or antidepressants in general. Such people should take Pristiq at night. 

This is because taking Pristiq in the morning with these side effects can significantly affect your mental alertness and make daytime activities and work difficult. So it’s best to take Pristiq at night if it induces lethargy or sleep. 

Final words

To sum up, Pristiq can be taken at any time of the day. The best time for you would be the one which helps reduce the risk of certain side effects caused by this antidepressant. 

If your current time isn’t helping you and you wish to change it, talk to your doctor. Just make sure you take it at the exact same time each day to have a constant time gap between your doses. 

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