Does Trazodone affect your sex drive? 

Does Trazodone affect your sex drive? 

Trazodone may affect sex drive in some individuals. Sexual side effects are considered common with antidepressants because of the way they work, but Trazodone is not that commonly associated with them. However, they are still reported. 

Some people actually experience an increase in their libido and they may find themselves more sexually active than usual. This has been reported in a number of men and women being treated with Trazodone. Some people, however, experience a loss of libido. 

There are also some individuals who may not feel any difference in their sex drive while taking Trazodone. Such side effects always vary from person to person, as different people respond differently to antidepressants. 

What does research suggest?

There is limited research on the harmful effects of Trazodone on your sexual health. However, antidepressants are known for affecting sex drive in the majority of users. 

A comparative research study indicated that Trazodone can affect sex drive, but much less intensely than Fluoxetine and Sertraline (1). 

Several other studies have also indicated that sexual side effects are not as prominent with Trazodone as they are with other antidepressants and they are generally manageable. It is also indicated that these side effects usually begin to get better with time, as the body adjusts to the treatment with Trazodone.

What to do if Trazodone is affecting your sex drive? 

Increased sex drive is often considered a welcoming side effect and people don’t do anything about it. However, if Trazodone is affecting your sex drive negatively, talk to your healthcare provider. 

It’s usually considered best to take the antidepressant in the morning if it causes sexual side effects, but Trazodone is a sedative antidepressant which should be taken at night. 

In such a case, your doctor may try dose reduction at first to help reduce the intensity of your sexual side effects. People taking Trazodone for insomnia usually take a lower dose, as compared to those taking it for depression. 

Trazodone is generally considered a well-tolerated antidepressant. However, some people may not gain many benefits from that and the continuation of Trazodone may affect their sexual health persistently. 

In such a case, your doctor may taper you off Trazodone and safely switch you to another antidepressant. Make sure you don’t stop taking Trazodone without consulting your doctor first. 

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