What is the maximum dose of Trazodone for sleep?

What is the maximum dose of Trazodone for sleep?

The maximum recommended dose of Trazodone for sleep is 100 mg, and the treatment is initially started from 25 mg. However, lower doses of Trazodone are considered far more effective for insomnia with lesser side effects. 

Higher doses are more commonly associated with hangover-like symptoms the following morning. It’s best to stick to your doctor’s recommended dose if you’re taking prescribed Trazodone for insomnia. 

You shouldn’t increase your dose on your own. If you think your current dose is not managing your insomnia efficiently, talk to your healthcare provider. 

How effective is Trazodone for sleep? 

Trazodone is considered quite effective for insomnia in some people, who generally respond well to this medication. Trazodone is one of the few antidepressants that are prescribed for insomnia because of its sedative properties, but these meds don’t work well for everyone. 

However, Trazodone works quite well when your body accepts it and adjusts to the medication. It is not a habit-forming medication, like most sleeping pills and Benzodiazepines are, so it’s considered a safer option for insomnia (1). 

Trazodone can effectively manage both primary and secondary insomnia. Another reason why Trazodone is considered effective for insomnia is that this antidepressant is cheaper, as compared to typical sleep aids. 

This is because Trazodone is also available in generic forms, unlike the majority of sleeping pills that are only available in brands. Since Trazodone is an antidepressant, it can also help improve your mood and productivity with time and can help prevent age-related mental decline. 

Trazodone can also work well for sleep apnea, whereas most other sleep aids can affect this condition negatively. However, it’s still a prescription medication and shouldn’t be taken unless your doctor believes you can do well on it. 

Remember, not every medication is beneficial for everyone and higher doses don’t always mean ‘more benefits’. 

What are the side effects of taking Trazodone for insomnia? 

Every medication on this planet is associated with some side effects, with Trazodone being no exception. 

However, Trazodone-induced side effects are not that many if you’re taking a low dose for insomnia, and most of the early side effects begin to subside as your body adjusts to the medication. The commonly experienced side effects include:

  • Dizziness 
  • Tiredness
  • Weakness 
  • Nausea 
  • Dry mouth
  • Restlessness 
  • Minor changes in weight 

These side effects are common with low doses of Trazodone. However, Trazodone does not work well for some people and can put some people at risk of:

  • Suicidal behaviour 
  • Arrhythmia or irregular heartbeats
  • Serotonin syndrome 
  • Hypotension 
  • Bleeding
  • Paranoia or mania
  • Vision problems 

Make sure you reach out to your healthcare provider if you experience any of the unusual side effects of Trazodone. If it doesn’t work well for you, your doctor will most likely switch you to another medication. Make sure you don’t stop taking Trazodone without your doctor’s approval. 

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