Does Lidocaine show up in a drug test? 

Does Lidocaine show up in a drug test? 

No, Lidocaine does not show up in a drug test. Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic which is added in a lot of topical pharmaceutical formulations. 

It is not a drug of abuse or a controlled substance so it is not something a standard drug test is focused on. If you’re using Lidocaine, the drug will not show up in your test and will definitely not cause a false positive for any other drug of abuse. 

A 2019 study was focused on checking false positives caused by Lidocaine but none was reported and the study concluded that Lidocaine is not capable of making you fail a drug test (1).

How is Lidocaine different from drugs that show up on a drug test?

Lidocaine is different from drugs that show up on a drug test because it is a local anaesthetic and not a substance that is typically tested for in standard drug screenings. Drug tests usually look for specific drugs or their metabolites, such as opioids, marijuana, amphetamines, and others (2,3). 

Lidocaine, on the other hand, is a medication used to numb a specific area and provide pain relief (4). It is not considered a recreational drug and is not typically included in routine drug tests. 

However, it’s important to note that if you have concerns about drug testing or are undergoing specific testing, it’s always best to consult with your healthcare provider or the testing facility to ensure accurate information and understanding of the testing process.

Final words

To sum up, Lidocaine does not show up on a drug test. It does not work like controlled substances or drugs that get you high, which is why it’s not something standard drug tests focus on. So don’t worry if you’re using Lidocaine in any form, as it will not make you fail a drug test. 

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