Does Buspar increase appetite? 

Does Buspar increase appetite? 

Buspar may or may not increase your appetite. This side effect is reported in some individuals. However, Buspar may cause loss of appetite in some people as well. 

This medication is used for the management and treatment of anxiety disorders (1,2). Often anxiety causes appetite changes in people, who begin to feel less hungry hence they eat less. 

This symptom of anxiety could easily be reversed by Buspar and positive appetite changes are seen in such a population. If you’re being treated with Buspar and you notice a significant spike in your appetite, consult your healthcare provider. 

The incidence of increased appetite with Buspar

The incidence of increased appetite with Buspar can vary among individuals. Some people may notice a slight increase in their appetite, while others may not experience this side effect at all (3). Additionally, the degree of appetite increase can differ from person to person.

The mechanism behind increased appetite with Buspar is not entirely clear. However, it is believed to involve the interaction of Buspar with certain receptors in the brain, particularly serotonin receptors (3). 

Buspar affects serotonin activity, and serotonin is known to play a role in regulating appetite and food intake. By influencing serotonin activity, Buspar may indirectly lead to an increase in appetite for some individuals (3).

It’s important to note that increased appetite is just one potential side effect of Buspar and does not occur in everyone. Other common side effects of Buspar may include dizziness, headache, nausea, and lightheadedness (3). Gastrointestinal side effects can be prevented by taking Buspar with food and not on an empty stomach

What to do if Buspar increases your appetite as a side effect? 

If Buspar is increasing your appetite as a side effect and you have been consuming a lot of calories lately, reach out to your healthcare provider as soon as you can. 

Such significant appetite changes can make you gain a tremendous amount of weight and you need to prevent it from happening. This type of weight gain is extremely hard to reverse as your body ends up with a huge amount of stored fat and we all know how much effort is required to burn that. 

This is why you need to discuss your appetite change with your doctor who’ll determine if it’s safe for you to continue using Buspar. Meanwhile, there are a few tips that might help you:

  • Opt for healthy food choices when Buspar makes you hungry. This way you will be able to satiate your hunger without consuming loads of calories. 
  • Make exercise a crucial part of your routine. A good workout session like HIIT can help you burn a lot of calories and your metabolism remains active for 48 hours post-workout. 
  • Steer clear of sugar and refined carbohydrates. They may tempt you and taste amazing, but they are close to poison for your health.
  • Maintain good sleep hygiene as inadequate sleep will make you cranky the following morning and it may trigger stress eating. 

Final words

To sum up, Buspar may or may not affect your appetite. Each individual is unique and people can experience different types of side effects while being treated with Buspar or any other psychotropic medication. 

Just make sure to keep your doctor updated about your side effects and properly follow the given directions to ensure the safe and effective use of Buspar. 

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