Does AndroGel increase the size of the penis? 

Does AndroGel increase the size of the penis?

Yes, AndroGel can increase the size of the penis, especially in people with severe testosterone deficiency. AndroGel is a topical testosterone gel that makes up for this hormone deficiency. 

Testosterone is responsible for a lot of male sexual functions and the growth of the penis. In children who are testosterone deficient, AndroGel seems to work quite well and can increase penile length and girth. 

According to a research study, the application of 10% AndroGel (Topical testosterone) twice a day can result in effective penile growth. However, the results are significant in people, more commonly children, who suffer from testosterone deficiency. 

If an average male uses them with normal penile growth, he may not achieve that much of a difference. Make sure you don’t use AndroGel unnecessarily.

Safety considerations when using AndroGel to increase penile size

Using AndroGel or any testosterone replacement therapy for the purpose of increasing the size of the penis is not a medically approved or recommended use. 

It’s important to understand that testosterone therapy should only be used under the supervision and guidance of a qualified healthcare professional for legitimate medical conditions related to low testosterone levels (1,2). 

When used as prescribed for approved medical purposes, AndroGel can have potential benefits for individuals with clinically diagnosed low testosterone. However, it is essential to consider the following safety considerations: 

Medical evaluation

Before starting AndroGel or any testosterone therapy, it is crucial to undergo a thorough medical evaluation to determine if you have low testosterone levels or any underlying health conditions that may be contributing to your concerns.

Prescribed dosage and proper monitoring

AndroGel should be used exactly as prescribed by a healthcare professional. Following the recommended dosage is important to avoid potential side effects or complications.

Proper follow-up visits and monitoring of hormone levels are also necessary. This ensures that the therapy remains safe and effective, and any adjustments can be made if needed.

Potential side effects

Testosterone therapy, including AndroGel, may have side effects. These can include changes in mood, acne, increased blood cell count, fluid retention, and changes in cholesterol levels. It is important to discuss and be aware of the potential risks and benefits of the treatment.

Individual response

It’s important to remember that the effects of testosterone therapy, including any impact on penile size, can vary among individuals. Results may differ, and expectations should be realistic.

Final words

To sum up, it’s not recommended to use AndroGel just to increase the size of your penis. Unnecessary use of medications should be avoided. However, if you have testosterone deficiency, AndroGel can help you with various symptoms. Just make sure you follow your doctor’s directions and use a fully potent AndroGel formulation.

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