Can you take Trazodone and Valium together? 

Can you take Trazodone and Valium together?

It’s not generally recommended to take Trazodone and Valium together, because of the additive sedation – but they may be used concurrently in some cases. It’s best to talk to your prescribing practitioner and discuss the safety and efficacy of this combination for you. 

If two separate doctors have prescribed these meds, make sure they are aware that you are already taking another medication that causes sedation. 

Trazodone is an antidepressant and Valium is a Benzodiazepine (1,2). Both of these medications are prescribed for the management of insomnia, hence they both are highly sedative. 

The primary use of Trazodone is to manage depression as it balances the amount of excitatory chemicals in your brain. However, it is usually taken at night time because of its sedative properties. The administration of these meds at the same time can increase the risk of possible side effects.

If you’re taking Trazodone for depression, there are plenty of other antidepressants that you can take in the morning, while taking Valium at night. This can help keep the two medications apart, without having them in your body in high concentrations, at the same time. 

What are the concerns with the concomitant use of Trazodone and Valium? 

The concomitant use of Trazodone and Valium can cause excessive sedation, and can significantly impair your mental alertness. They may also cause some other psychological side effects in people because they both can alter the chemical activity in your brain. 

The problem with taking these meds concomitantly is that they can’t be taken at the same time. If you keep them at least 12 hours apart – as Valium is a long-acting Benzodiazepine – you will have to take one of them in the morning.

However, that’s the main problem. You can’t possibly take a med that puts you to sleep in the morning when you’re literally starting your day. This is why it’s best to avoid them, and there are plenty of other antidepressants that you can replace Trazodone with. 

At first, it’s better to just take Trazodone at night and see how it makes you feel. The medication can be safely used for insomnia at low doses with minimal side effects and is not considered habit-forming. 

If Trazodone works for both your depression and insomnia, you don’t have to take Valium. 

However, if for some reason it doesn’t, you can take a non-sedating antidepressant in the morning with a Benzodiazepine, such as Valium, at night. Make sure you don’t start taking any medication without consulting your doctor first. 

Final words

In short, the combination of Trazodone and Valium is not suited for every individual. Some people can experience disturbing consequences of combining these two medications.  

This is why it’s important to make sure that this combination is prescribed by your doctor and it is not something you are doing without medical supervision. 

If your doctor has prescribed this combination and your body is not responding well to it, you need to consult your provider and talk about the future efficacy and safety of this combination and if you should continue taking them.  

There are plenty of other medications that can replace either Trazodone or Valium or can replace both of them. Just remember, proper use of medications is the key to achieving the best possible therapeutic outcome. 

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