Can Xifaxan be crushed? 

Can Xifaxan be crushed? 

It is not generally recommended to crush or cut Xifaxan (Rifaximin) because they are film-coated tablets. However, it’s best to ask your healthcare provider whether or not it’s safe for you to crush the tablets, especially if you find it difficult to swallow them whole.

Risks associated with crushing Xifaxan tablets 

Xifaxan tablets are film-coated, which is why it is generally not advised to cut or crush them. The coating can help enhance the stability of the drug and can also mask the unpleasant taste, which otherwise makes the drug difficult to take(1\)

Film-coating on the tablets also protects the drug content from acid attack once it’s inside your stomach and maintains drug release. 

Crushing the tablets can destroy that film coating, therefore affecting the benefits associated with it. This is why it’s best to swallow these tablets whole. It may also increase the risk of side effects caused by Xifaxan, as the crushed drug will be rapidly absorbed. Some side effects of Xifaxan include nausea, headache, dizziness, stomach pain, increased risk of yeast infections, etc.

Alternatives to crushing Xifaxan tablets 

It’s best to ask your doctor or pharmacist for an alternative to crushing Xifaxan tablets. This medication is also used in children and some of them can’t swallow the tablets whole. 

If you’re a concerned parent reading this, you can try adding the pill with applesauce or pudding that your child can swallow. However, some children have an issue with swallowing anything that’s not chewed. 

For this reason, you can ask your pharmacist to formulate Xifaxan oral suspension. Although liquid Xifaxan is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it’s still used for ease of administration in different parts of the world. 

Make sure you talk to your healthcare professional before crushing the tablets on your own. 

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