Will you lose weight after Lexapro withdrawal? 

Will you lose weight after withdrawal? 

You may lose weight after stopping Lexapro, especially if the antidepressant made you gain weight during the course of your treatment. However, it’s not necessary and it’s not common in every case. 

Make sure you don’t stop using Lexapro without your doctor’s approval. If you’re gaining weight on Lexapro and you think stopping it would be the best solution, you’re wrong. Weight loss is not the only withdrawal symptom you will experience. 

There are tons of disturbing symptoms that can follow abrupt Lexapro withdrawal. This is why you should never take such matters into your own hands and should always follow your doctor’s recommendations. 

What is the possible cause of weight loss after Lexapro withdrawal? 

There are a few possible reasons that could cause weight loss after stopping Lexapro. These include:

  • You’re losing Lexapro-induced weight gain
  • Relapse of depression 
  • Change in appetite or physical activity 

You’re losing Lexapro-induced weight gain

As we have just discussed, people who gain weight on Lexapro start to lose it when the treatment with this antidepressant is discontinued. This is because your body starts to go back to the way it was prior to Lexapro and you slowly start to lose all the extra weight it made you gain. 

However, Lexapro can also cause side effects like loss of appetite, which may result in weight loss. Such people may start to gain weight after drug discontinuation.

Relapse of depression

Some people may begin to experience rebound depression after stopping Lexapro (1). It usually happens when the treatment is stopped too early or abruptly. 

Depression can make you lose your appetite or make food undesirable for you. When you begin to consume fewer calories, you lose weight. In such a case, you should talk to your mental healthcare professional. 

Change in appetite or physical activity 

People may lose weight after Lexapro withdrawal if they are eating less for some reason or moving more. Surveys have revealed that some people begin to respond more to exercise and workouts after stopping their antidepressants. 

What to do if you are losing weight after Lexapro withdrawal? 

If you’re losing the weight that Lexapro made you gain, it’s a good sign and you should definitely be happy about it. However, if you have normal body weight and you’re continuously losing, you should immediately talk to your healthcare provider. 

Excessive weight loss can create a number of nutrient deficiencies in your body, which can lead to muscle weakness, bone wastage, and immunodeficiency. 

Make sure you consume all the necessary calories that your body needs. If you can’t eat, try to consume calories in liquid forms, like soup, bone broth, milkshakes, smoothies, fresh juices, etc. 

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