When does Latanoprost expire after opening? 

When does Latanoprost expire after opening? 

Latanoprost expires within 4-6 weeks after it has opened. Usually, unopened eye drops can stay good for a year or two, but once it is opened, the process of degradation soon follows. 

This is because ophthalmic preparations should be at their purest when you use them. You should refrigerate the eye drops if your room temperature is higher than 25°C. Otherwise, it can easily be stored at room temperature and can be used within 4-6 weeks of opening. 

What are the possible dangers associated with the use of expired Latanoprost? 

The possible outcome of using expired Latanoprost is a therapeutic failure. This medication is commonly used to release excess pressure in your eyes, which is a common symptom of glaucoma. 

If you use expired Latanoprost, the medication may have lost its potency and it will not provide symptomatic relief. Another danger associated with the use of expired Latanoprost is the increased risk of eye infections. 

Once the packaging is opened, the solution is exposed to the environment, which affects the stability of this pharmaceutical product. This could also result in microbial contamination, especially if the product is not used right. 

The use of such contaminated Latanoprost can expose your eyes to different types of bacteria, which could lead to eye infections. This is why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends against using expired medications (1).

What to do if you have used expired Latanoprost? 

If you have used expired Latanoprost, but you feel alright, don’t worry. Just make sure you don’t pit the expired eye drops in your eyes again. However, if your eyes start to burn or feel itchy, immediately consult your healthcare provider. 

I would never recommend putting expired Latanoprost in your eyes. It’s far too risky as a contaminated Latanoprost can affect your vision as well. 

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