What if you accidentally took Advair twice? (+3 steps)

In this article, we will explore what to do if you have accidentally taken Advair twice, what steps are to be taken, what are the potential effects of an overdose of Advair, what the recommended dosing frequency of Advair is and how to ensure safe and effective treatment of Advair.

What if you accidentally took Advair twice?

If you have accidentally taken Advair twice, then you need to consult your healthcare provider. Although some research studies have considered it safe to use a double dose of Advair for a period of two weeks (1).

However, the case might not be the same for every individual. The appearance of effects of an overdose of Advair depends upon various factors. If you have taken the doses twice without a certain interval and are experiencing symptoms then this can be concerning and calls for immediate action to avoid any complexities.

Advair is an inhaled medication that contains fluticasone propionate and salmeterol. It is a combination medication that contains corticosteroids along with a long-acting beta-adrenergic agonist.  Advair is usually prescribed to treat conditions such as asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder) and related disorders (2).

What to do if you accidentally took Advair twice?

If you have taken Advair twice accidentally, then you need to:

  • Contact your doctor immediately to inform them of your situation.
  • Observe and note any signs or symptoms you might be experiencing the overdose.
  • Do not drink alcohol or take any other medication.
  • Your doctor will have to check your vitals to ensure your safety.
  • Your doctor might have to use supplemental oxygen to help you in breathing.
  • If you are taken to a hospital soon after ingestion of medication, then your doctor might use symptomatic treatment strategies to manage the condition.
  • Intravenous fluids are to be injected to help support the vital functions.
  • Even though there is no specific antidote for Advair, some conditions or symptomatic treatment can be given by bronchodilators and beta-blockers depending on the condition.

What are the potential effects of a double dose of Advair?

If you have accidentally taken a double dose of Advair then there is a high risk of side effects. Due to the overdose, the most probable danger is the increased frequency and intensity of the side effects which can be life-threatening.

The potential effects of the Advair overdose include (3):

Commonly observed effects Uncommon but severe effects
Headache Chest pain
Dizziness Difficulty breathing
Tremor Rapid breathing
Nausea Blurred vision
Anxiety Confusion
Palpitations Seizures
Muscle cramps Loss of consciousness

This is not a complete detailed list of effects that might appear. The potential effects may vary among individuals due to individual sensitivity attributed to genetics, metabolic rate, age and gender along with underlying health conditions.

What is the recommended dosage frequency of Advair?

The recommended daily dose of Advair is as follows (4) (5).

Condition Age group Dosing frequency Maximum daily dose
Asthma Adults and adolescents 12 years and older 1 Inhalation twice daily (12 hours apart) 2 inhalations of 230 mcg/21 mcg HFA twice daily
Asthma Adolescents under 12 Not recommended Not applicable
COPD Adults 1 inhalation twice daily (12 hours apart) of 250/50 mcg Diskus 1 inhalation of 250-50 mcg diskus twice daily

If you have taken Advair twice a day, then it will not cause any complications as it is within the recommended dosage schedule. However, the two doses have to be 12 hours apart. If you have taken twice the dose at once, then this can be considered an overdose and may lead to complications.

How to ensure safe and effective use of Advair?

Here are some important points to ensure the safe and effective use of Advair.

  • Take Advair exactly as prescribed and directed by your doctor.
  • Try taking your dose at the same time each day to ensure an optimum gap between doses.
  • Follow-up treatments and regular monitoring of the condition are essential.
  • Open communicaton with your doctor can help you treat your condition better.
  • Make sure the medication you are using is not expired.
  • Take your medication with plenty of water. Avoid alcohol.
  • Follow the proper storage instructions.

In my opinion, of you have accidentally taken Advair twice then it is safe to contact your doctor immediately. The potential effects depend upon various fcators such as the exact dose you have taken, what strength and type of Advair you have taken, how long it has been since you took the dose and what symptoms are appearing.

Your doctor will do a detailed assessment to get all the information needed to start with the treament plan.

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