What does Voltaren gel smell like? 

What does Voltaren gel smell like? 

Voltaren gel has a clean, mild odour. It doesn’t particularly smell like anything and most people don’t find the odour too strong. However, some people may not be able to stand the odour of Voltaren gel. 

It depends on your own personal preference, and most people don’t find much of an odour in Voltaren gel. If your Voltaren gel smells different than your previous tube, make sure it’s not expired. 

If it’s past the expiration date and smells funny, or the seal of the tube is broken, take it back to the pharmacy you purchased it from. Similarly, if you find a difference in the colour or texture of the gel, you should get it checked. 

Factors that may affect the smell of Voltaren gel

Voltaren gel may smell different because of the following factors(1):

If the gel has expired

As Voltaren gel expires, it may develop a stronger or more noticeable odour. This usually happens because the active ingredient in the gel may start to degrade over time, leading to changes in the gel’s smell.

If the gel is not stored properly

If the Voltaren gel tube is not properly sealed or the cap remains open for a long period of time, it may start to get affected because of prolonged exposure to air. This exposure can lead to changes in the smell of the gel.

Microbial contamination

If the gel is not stored properly, it may get contaminated with bacteria. As bacteria begin to rapidly grow and multiply, the gel may develop an unpleasant or foul smell.

Batch variations

Different batches of Voltaren gel may have slightly different smells. This is because the manufacturing process can result in slight variations in the product’s composition and odour.

It is important to note that a slight odour is normal for Voltaren gel, and it should not be a cause for concern. However, you shouldn’t use the gel if it makes your skin itchy and irritated, especially if you are not a new user.

Final words

If you buy a new Voltaren gel tube and it smells funny, make sure you check the expiration details or talk to your pharmacist. If you’re using an older tube which did not smell the way it does now, don’t use it. 

It may indicate that the gel has either become contaminated or was exposed to the air – which has started to degrade the gel. Make sure your gel has the right smell and texture before you apply it to your skin.

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