Is it safe to take Strattera at night? (+1 benefits)

In this article, we will explore whether it is safe to take Strattera at night or not, what the research suggests, what are the potential effects of taking Strattera at night on sleep patterns, what factors to consider before taking Strattera at night and when to consult your healthcare provider.

Is it safe to take Strattera at night?

Yes, it is safe to take Strattera (atomoxetine) at night. However, it is essential to consult your doctor first. Straterra can help with your conditions at night and might help you with your sleep quality as it is not a stimulant medication.

Straterra is a non-stimulant medication that contains atomoxetine. It belongs to the class of selective serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs). Strattera is used to treat conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder also known as ADHD (1).

If you are taking Straterra and have any queries regarding the dosing and intake of it then it is crucial to consult your healthcare provider. They can provide you with better advice after taking your past medical history and your current condition.

What does research suggest?

According to a narrative review done in 2021, the timing for the dosing of atomoxetine was determined. People were given a single dose of atomoxetine during the day and the others were given the same dose in the evening. The results showed a similar efficacy of the drug as the effects of ADHD were significantly reduced.

However, it was observed that morning doses provided better results but at the same time, evening doses produced reduced side effects (2).

What are the effects of Strattera on sleep patterns?

Taking Strattera can have benefits as well as disadvantages of its own on the sleep pattern. Just like other drugs in this class, Strattera can cause insomnia.

Potential benefits Potential harmful effects 
  • Taking Strattera at night can cause the stimulant effects of medication to subside at bedtime. This helps improve the onset of sleep in patients with ADHD (3).
  • Taking Strattera at night reduces the potential side effects.
  • Strattera can induce insomnia in some individuals (4).
  • Taking Strattera at night can reduce its effectiveness as compared to the daytime.
  • Strattera may influence the REM sleep at night.

What factors to consider before taking Strattera at night?

Before taking Strattera at night, you need to weigh the ratio of benefits and risks of Strattera. Certain factors are to be considered including:

  • Current dosage
  • Effectiveness of Strattera
  • Individual side effect profile
  • Underlying sleep conditions
  • Daytime functioning
  • Concurrent medications

Open communication with your doctor is essential. Your doctor will help you determine the right dosage and timing of Strattera for you.

When to consult your healthcare provider?

If your doctor has prescribed you Strattera for your treatment of ADHD and you are taking it during the day, and you want to take it at night, then you need to consult your healthcare provider. They can consider your current condition, and check for any underlying medical condition or any other current medication that might interact with Strattera if taken at night.

In order to allow you to take Strattera at night, your doctor might have to take a closer look at your past medical record and your dosing regimen and make all the necessary changes.

In my opinion, taking Strattera at night is safe but you need to consult your doctor before starting to take it at night. There are certain factors that might interact with your condition or medication, particularly at night. These may include your individual schedules, underlying health conditions or concurrent medications.

This is why consulting your doctor before making any changes to your dosage regimen is essential to ensure a safe and effective treatment strategy.

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