Does Unisom raise blood pressure? 

Does Unisom raise blood pressure? 

Yes, Unisom can raise your blood pressure as a side effect. Although occasional use may not cause any effect on your blood pressure, chronic use can cause a significant difference. Unisom is an anti-allergy medication that can also be used to treat insomnia. 

Its sedative effect is the reason why some people start misusing the medication and take more than their condition demands. Make sure you talk to your healthcare provider if you think Unisom is affecting your blood pressure. 

How does Unisom raise blood pressure? 

There is no exact explanation as to why Unisom raises your blood pressure, but experts do have a few theories. Some experts believe that Unisom has an affinity for other receptors in your body which may be responsible for such side effects. 

However, one thing is certain this side effect is common in chronic users, and not those people who use it occasionally. 

What to do if Unisom raises your blood pressure? 

If Unisom raises your blood pressure, talk to your healthcare provider about it. Only your doctor can determine whether the drug is solely responsible for your elevated blood pressure or if there is any other factor silently contributing to it. 

Meanwhile, take good care of yourself and eat all the right foods. Refrain from taking an excessive amount of salt and add exercise to your daily routine. 

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