Does Tizanidine expire? 

Does Tizanidine expire?

Yes, Tizanidine does expire. According to FDA reports, Tizanidine starts to lose its potency once it expires. Normally the drug comes with a shelf-life of 2-4 years, but storage conditions can affect drug stability during this time period. 

A properly stored Tizanidine can most definitely outlive its expiration date. However, the use of expired meds is not recommended whatsoever. 

What are the dangers associated with the use of expired Tizanidine?

Expired Tizanidine, as we have just discussed, begins to lose its potency once it’s past the expiration date. There’s no way to tell when this process begins and how much time it takes to lose at least 50% of the drug’s potency.

This is why it is not recommended by the Food and Drug Administration to opt for expired Tizanidine or any other medication for that matter (1). Using expired Tizanidine that has lost its potency won’t do you any good, especially if your muscle spasm is causing you a lot of pain. 

What to do if you have taken expired Tizanidine? 

Expired Tizanidine will not cause you any harm, but it will not benefit you either. If you have accidentally taken a dose or two, don’t worry. If the drug has recently expired, it may still relax your muscles to some extent and provide some pain relief.

If a dose or two doesn’t make a positive difference, do not take any more than that. Talk to your healthcare provider and get a new prescription. 

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