Does silver sulfadiazine cream expire? 

Does silver sulfadiazine cream expire? 

Yes, Silver sulfadiazine cream does expire. Although it can remain stable for years during its shelf-life, if the tube is opened, it is recommended to discard the cream after 7-10 days. This is because the opened tube can become susceptible to bacterial contamination. 

What are the dangers associated with the use of expired silver sulfadiazine cream? 

The use of expired silver sulfadiazine cream can become quite dangerous, especially if the tube is contaminated. Burnt skin can get infected pretty easily and it needs 100% potent antibacterial cream to prevent it. 

Expired silver sulfadiazine cream begins to lose its potency with time and it may not help you prevent bacterial infection. This can delay the healing process of your burnt skin. 

This is why it’s never a good thing to apply an expired cream on your wounds or burns, especially if they are severe or open. It’s generally not recommended to use any expired med, whether it is a topical or an oral formulation (1). 

What to do if you have used expired silver sulfadiazine cream? 

If you have applied expired silver sulfadiazine cream and you feel irritation, itching, or pain, immediately reach out to your healthcare provider. 

As we have just discussed, improper use of silver sulfadiazine cream can cause microbial contamination and this can infect your skin burn. 

This not only delays the process of healing, but the infection can be quite painful on its own. Make sure you discard the opened or used silver sulfadiazine cream and get a new one if needed. 

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