Does Sertraline age you? (+3 factors affecting ageing)

In this article, we will discuss whether Sertraline has a direct effect on ageing or not. We will look into the factors that impact ageing. We will dig deep into the potential side effects associated with Sertraline in the aged population with major depressive disorder. 

Does Sertraline age you?

No, Sertraline does not age you. Sertraline being an SSRI antidepressant does not directly affect ageing. However, some indirect factors may contribute to the early ageing process while being on Sertraline. 

Does Sertraline have a direct link to ageing?

Sertraline does not have a direct link to ageing but the depressive and anxiolytic disorders that are treated with Sertraline which include major depressive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), etc. have an impact on premature ageing.

Psychiatric disorders are considered a major risk factor for ageing-related conditions. Advanced ageing is associated with reduced morbidity and lack of physical activity due to which the quality of life is reduced. Depression, on the other hand, is also a leading cause of disability or reduced movements (1). 

There are no experimental clinical trials to determine whether SSRIs including Sertraline are efficacious for mitigating the impact of depression on mobility and activity (1). 

It is important to understand that Sertraline is used to treat depression and anxiety by altering the brain chemicals. The pharmacology of Sertraline has no direct connection to ageing but the side effects may vary from person to person. 

Which factors can age you while taking Sertraline?

Ageing is a complex process that may be affected by Sertraline based on certain factors that include (2):

Biological/Psychological factors

Ageing is a complete process that appears at cellular, molecular, and tissue levels. Interindividual factors in physiological systems also serve as an important factor in ageing (3). 

Cellular damage is caused due to exposure to UV radiation, oxidative stress, and harmful toxins. These factors can cause cellular-level dysfunction and ageing in individuals. 

Moreover, hormonal changes due to Sertraline can be a leading factor in ageing. It can induce various effects on the body and changes in skin appearance.

Chronic inflammation occurs at the tissue level contributing to ageing factors. Genetics, DNA damage, and mutations in various individuals can cause age-related difficulties at cellular levels. 

Stress, depression, anxiety, psychosis, and related factors contribute significantly to the ageing process. These can negatively impact your body and lead to an increased ageing process. These may serve as a backbone for hormonal and cellular level damage. 

Therefore, effort should be made to avoid certain factors and reasons in your life that contribute to stress and other psychological problems which serve as the root cause of ageing. 

Social/ Lifestyle factors

Alcohol consumption, smoking, tobacco intake, and lack of physical activities may be contributing factors toward premature ageing. Furthermore, poor diet, dehydration, excessive sun exposure, and poor lifestyle can cause certain changes in your body which can accelerate the ageing process. 

A healthy and nutritious diet, and intake of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, can improve your overall health. Good physical exercise and healthy lifestyle habits are contributing factors to a long life. 

What are the strategies to minimize drug-induced ageing?

The following strategies might help in reducing the drug-induced ageing process:

  • Regularly consult with your doctor or prescriber and do not miss your follow-up sessions. Update your healthcare provider about the side effects that you are facing due to the drugs prescribed. 
  • Be cautious about the polypharmacy management. Multiple concomitant administrations of medications can lead to adverse effects including ageing. Consult your doctor for a simple and basic drug regimen. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated and maintain a balanced diet. Regular exercise and maintaining a healthy, fit body might help to eradicate drug-induced ageing mechanisms. 
  • Avoid intoxicants such as alcohol and other harmful substances including nicotine, tobacco, etc. These substances play a major role in ageing along with medication. 


In this article, we have discussed the effect of Sertraline on ageing. We have discussed the common ground between Sertraline and ageing. We have further discovered some potential adverse effects impacting the elderly population with major depressive disorder taking Sertraline. 

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