Does Premarin cream expire? 

Does Premarin cream expire? 

Yes, Premarin cream does expire. You can find the expiry date printed on the packaging. If the tube is unopened, it can most definitely outlive its expiry date. However, if the cream is in use, I would not recommend using it past the expiration date. 

This is because Premarin is basically conjugated estrogens and hormones don’t usually have that much stability, as compared to non-hormonal pharmaceuticals. They may start to degrade soon after they expire and there is no easy way to figure out if the drug is effective or not. 

What are the possible dangers associated with the use of expired Premarin cream? 

Expired Premarin cream may not deliver a promising therapeutic output. This is because this hormonal preparation can start to lose its potency and the drug will not be able to help you with your symptoms (1). 

This undesirable outcome will obviously be an inconvenience and you will continue to suffer. This is why it’s best to opt for a fresh Premarin cream which is under its manufacturer’s guarantee. 

The Food and Drug Administration also recommends avoiding expired medications and there is no way to tell if they are safe enough for you to use or if they have turned chemically into something harmful (2).

What to do if you have used expired Premarin cream? 

If you have used expired Premarin cream and you notice an allergic reaction right away, immediately reach out to your healthcare provider. Although it is quite rare, it should still be considered.

If you observe no effect after the application of expired Premarin cream, neither good nor bad, it means the drug has lost its potency and you should throw it away. 

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