Does Fosamax make you tired?

Does Fosamax make you tired?

No, Fosamax does not generally make you feel tired. This is not listed as a side effect of this medication and is not reported in the majority of clinical trials. 

However, Fosamax may cause hypocalcemia in some people, a condition associated with a deficiency of calcium in your body(1)

Since calcium is an important part of the majority of metabolic processes and muscle contractions, deficiency of this element can cause tiredness and weakness. 

Other factors that may contribute to tiredness with Fosamax use

There are some other factors that can contribute to tiredness associated with this medication. Fosamax use has been associated with sleep disturbances such as insomnia or interrupted sleep, which can lead to feelings of fatigue during the day.

Fosamax can interfere with the absorption of certain nutrients apart from calcium like magnesium, vitamin D, etc which are essential for energy production. Low levels of these nutrients can lead to fatigue. It can also cause dehydration due to its effects on the kidneys. 

Fosamax can interact with some medications potentially leading to fatigue or other side effects(2). This is why it is always recommended to inform your doctor about all the medications you are currently taking, even OTC meds. 

Some individuals may have underlying medical conditions that contribute to fatigue, and Fosamax use can exacerbate these symptoms. For example, individuals with chronic kidney disease may be more susceptible to fatigue due to Fosamax use.

Lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and stress levels can also contribute to fatigue. Incorporating healthy habits can help manage fatigue while taking Fosamax.

What to do if you’re feeling tired on Fosamax? 

If you’re feeling excessively tired on Fosamax, reach out to your healthcare provider. Your doctor may ask for your calcium levels to make sure your body is not stepping into calcium deficiency. 

If you are, your doctor will recommend a calcium supplement to compensate for this deficiency and your tiredness and related symptoms will most likely go away once your calcium levels go back to normal. 

There isn’t any other apparent reason for feeling tired on Fosamax, but people are different and they respond differently to medications. It’s best to talk to your doctor instead of changing anything on your own. 

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