Does Effexor cause skin rash? 

Does Effexor cause skin rash? 

No, Effexor does not generally cause skin rash – unless you’re allergic to it. Make sure you immediately seek medical attention if you notice rashes or bruises on your skin and difficulty breathing after taking Effexor. 

Skin rash could be a first sign of an allergic reaction, not just to Effexor but absolutely anything you can ingest. Effexor doesn’t generally affect your skin. 

People could be allergic to this antidepressant and they can’t possibly know it before actually taking the medication. The most common signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction include:

  • Skin rash, itching, burning sensation, blue-purple patches, painful blisters, etc. 
  • Tightness of chest, difficulty in breathing, hoarseness, etc. 
  • Swelling of tongue, lips, face, eyes, or throat. 

What to do if a rash suddenly appears on your skin after taking Effexor?

It’s best to rush to the hospital and seek immediate medical attention if you start noticing rashes or blisters on your skin after taking Effexor. The severity of these allergy symptoms usually varies from person to person and can depend on the dose of Effexor the person has taken. 

Most allergic reactions are manageable because doctors usually prescribe a low dose to a person who’s new to Effexor or antidepressants in general. Such people can not continue using this antidepressant. 

If you’re allergic to Effexor, don’t worry! There are plenty of other antidepressants that can replace Effexor and help control your symptoms effectively. Just make sure you properly follow your doctor’s directions for safe treatment with antidepressants. 

Final words

Skin rash is not a common side effect of Effexor and could indicate an allergic reaction. The best way to know for certain is to talk to your doctor. Allergic reactions don’t usually wait too long to show up. 

However, researchers have indicated that people may start getting drug allergies after weeks of using the culprit medication. This is why you need to have a discussion with your doctor about how Effexor makes you feel. 

If it’s not the right choice of antidepressant for you, your doctor will slowly taper you off and switch you to another safer antidepressant. Just make sure you don’t discontinue Effexor abruptly. 

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