Does Clotrimazole expire? 

Does Clotrimazole expire? 

Yes, Clotrimazole does expire like every other medication out there. This antifungal medication begins to lose its potency once the expiry date has passed. 

However, liquid preparations can become a bit dangerous to use because of the possibility of microbial contamination. This is why it is best not to use creams, ointments, or suspensions after the mentioned expiry date (1). 

What are the dangers associated with the use of expired Clotrimazole?

The most commonly expected outcome of using expired Clotrimazole is therapeutic failure. If this antifungal medication has lost its full potency, it will not be able to fight against your active fungal infection. This can lead to two things:

  • Worsening of infection 
  • Drug resistance 

Both of these conditions can become quite problematic. Drug resistance, once created, can affect your future treatment with Clotrimazole, even if you use a newly manufactured formulation. 

This usually happens when the infection-causing fungi are constantly exposed to a weak antifungal agent. This can make your infection spread and it becomes even more difficult to heal. 

This is why it’s best to avoid using expired Clotrimazole. In some cases, allergic reactions may also occur at the site of administration. 

What to do if you have taken expired Clotrimazole?

If you have used an expired Clotrimazole dose, don’t worry much about it. It will not cause you any harm. However, it will not be beneficial either as we have just discussed. 

If you have taken a dose or two and you don’t see any difference in your condition, do not take any more than that, hoping to achieve a therapeutic response. 

If the drug has lost its potency, it won’t work no matter how much you take it. Make sure to consult your healthcare provider and get a new prescription. 

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