Does Cefdinir expire? 

Does Cefdinir expire? 

Yes, Cefdinir does expire. The stability and potency of Cefdinir, once it is past the expiration date, depends on the type of dosage form it has been formulated into. A solid oral dosage form of Cefdinir can remain potent even after the expiration date. 

It can take up to years for the drug to lose its potency if it is stored in ideal conditions. However, it is not recommended to use oral liquid dosage forms of Cefdinir once they are past the expiration date. 

This is because liquid pharmaceutical preparations are not as stable as solid ones and they become susceptible to microbial contamination once their preservatives stop to provide adequate safety. 

What are the dangers associated with the use of expired Cefdinir? 

Expired Cefdinir does not possess serious health risks. In fact, if the drug has recently expired it may give you a promising therapeutic outcome. However, if it has lost its potency, it will not be able to fight against your active infection effectively. 

This therapeutic failure can not only delay your recovery but can also cause antibiotic resistance in your body. This is why it’s best to stick to an unexpired Cefdinir for symptomatic bacterial infections and avoid taking expired medications generally (1). 

What to do if you have taken expired Cefdinir? 

You don’t need to worry if you have taken a dose or two of expired Cefdinir and you will most likely not experience any unusual adverse effects. 

However, the thing with drug expiry is that there is no way to guarantee the safety and efficacy of the expired drug and there is no easy way to check how much potency has already been lost. You should talk to your healthcare provider and get a new prescription. 

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