Can you take Sertraline and Diazepam at the same time?

In this article, we will discuss the concomitant use of Sertraline (Brand name: Zoloft) and Diazepam (Brand name: Valium). We will talk about the potential benefits and risks of this combination, and how you can ensure their safe and effective use.

Can you take Sertraline and Diazepam at the same time?

Yes, you can take Sertraline and Diazepam at the same time if prescribed by your healthcare provider. Both Sertraline and Diazepam are prescription medications and should never be taken without a doctor’s approval (1,2). 

However, the combination of an SSRI and a Benzodiazepine is common for short-term use and can help people deal with several depression and anxiety symptoms (3). Sertraline can also be used with other benzodiazepines like Clonazepam (Klonopin) and Lorazepam (Ativan).

It is important to note that this combination may not suit everyone and it should not be continued for a long period. 

What are the potential benefits of taking Sertraline and Diazepam together?

Taking Sertraline and Diazepam together can have some potential benefits, but it’s essential to use them carefully and under a doctor’s guidance. Sertraline, especially during the early stages of treatment, can sometimes increase anxiety. 

This can make the first few weeks on Sertraline quite challenging for some people. Here’s where Diazepam, an anti-anxiety medication, can be helpful. Diazepam acts quickly, unlike Sertraline, which may take weeks to fully kick in. 

It can help control this early anxiety almost immediately (4). Additionally, Sertraline can cause insomnia or disturb sleep for some individuals. Using Diazepam alongside Sertraline can address Sertraline-induced insomnia, helping people sleep better (5). 

This can make the treatment process with Sertraline more manageable. However, it’s important to note that Diazepam is a controlled substance and has the potential for addiction. 

Therefore, it’s not typically recommended for long-term use. It should only be used as directed by your doctor and for the specific purposes they prescribe it for.

What are the potential risks of taking Sertraline and Diazepam together?

Taking Sertraline and Diazepam together can have potential benefits, but it’s important to be aware of possible additive side effects. Sertraline might cause tiredness or sleepiness in some individuals. 

When combined with Diazepam, these effects can be enhanced, leading to increased drowsiness (1,2). Some people may experience psychological side effects when using this combination. 

Additionally, this combination might not be a good one for individuals with underlying health conditions – that could be negatively affected by these medications taken together.

How long to take Diazepam with Sertraline?

You should take Diazepam with Sertraline for as long as your doctor directs you to. Typically, a medication like Diazepam is used until your body adjusts to Sertraline or any other antidepressant. 

When Sertraline starts to take effect, it helps manage anxiety, and any insomnia caused by it should also improve. This adjustment period for Sertraline can take around 4 to 8 weeks (1).

However, it’s essential to follow your doctor’s advice and continue taking these medications for as long as they recommend. 

How to ensure the safe and effective use of Sertraline and Diazepam together?

The following points are important to ensure the safe and effective use of Sertraline and Diazepam together:

  • Take these medications exactly as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Keep follow-up appointments with your healthcare provider to monitor your progress and any side effects.
  • Inform your doctor about any side effects or concerns promptly.
  • Do not consume alcohol while taking these medications, as it can increase their effects and risks.
  • Be mindful of potential signs of dependence or addiction and report them to your doctor.
  • Do not stop these medications suddenly. Follow your doctor’s instructions for tapering off, if necessary.
  • Use Diazepam for the duration advised by your doctor, typically until Sertraline takes full effect (4-8 weeks).
  • Understand that your treatment plan is specific to your needs, so trust your doctor’s recommendations.

Remember, safe and effective use of medications is crucial to achieving your desired therapeutic outcome. 


In this article, we have discussed the concomitant use of Sertraline and Diazepam. We have talked about the potential benefits and risks of this combination and how one can ensure their safe and effective use. 

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