Can you cut Seroquel in half? 

Can you cut Seroquel in half? 

Yes, you can cut Seroquel in half – but only immediate-release Seroquel. However, it’s best to talk to your healthcare provider before splitting tablets like Seroquel, which can affect your brain if you accidentally end up taking more than your prescribed dose. 

It is also important to make sure that you have Seroquel and not Seroquel XR – which is an extended-release dosage form and should never be split. 

Risks associated with cutting Seroquel tablets in half

One of the biggest risks associated with cutting Seroquel tablets in half is uniform dose division. These tablets are not scored and it is generally difficult to divide unscored tablets into two equal halves(1). Unequal dose distribution can make you take more or less than the prescribed dose. 

This is why you should either use a proper tablet cutter or a very sharp knife to ensure equal sizes of the two halves. It is also important to not cut all of your prescription tablets at once and only cut the one you’re just about to take. 

Don’t ever cut Extended-release Seroquel 

Seroquel is also available in an extended-release dosage form which should never be cut or split in half, or the entire modified-release mechanism will be ruined. 

These dosage forms are not like typical immediate-release tablets, and they release the active drug over an extended period of time, and not all at once. This reduces the frequency of dose administration. 

If you cut Seroquel extended-release in half, it will result in a higher amount of drug getting released in your body – and that too quite rapidly. 

This can cause a number of pronounced side effects, which is definitely not an ideal scenario. As far as regular Seroquel is concerned, it’s best to talk to your doctor or pharmacist before cutting the tablets in half. 

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