Can you cut Paxil in half? 

Can you cut Paxil in half? 

Yes, you can cut or split Paxil in half. Most Paxil tablets are actually scored to help you split the tablets into two equal halves. You can also split those which are not scored using a pill cutter. 

You just have to make sure that you cut your tablets into exactly two equal halves to maintain dose uniformity. It is also important to pack the other half of the tablet you’re not consuming right now properly. 

Risks associated with cutting Paxil in half

The main risk associated with cutting Paxil in half is content uniformity. Tablets which are scored don’t really cause this type of issue, but splitting unscored tablets in half can be tricky. This is because people may not be able to divide the dose into two equal halves.

Unequal tablet distribution fails to maintain dose uniformity and you may end up taking more or less than the prescribed dose. So, if you are cutting Paxil that is not scored, it’s best to discuss this with your pharmacist first. 

Do not cut Paxil CR in half

Make sure you do not cut Paxil CR in half. Carefully read the labels to make sure you’re dealing with the regular Paxil and not the controlled-release dosage form(1)

CR formulations should be swallowed whole, because of how they work. Controlled release Paxil is designed in such a way that it releases the active drug in different phases, over a certain period of time – unlike regular Paxil which releases the entire active ingredient at once. 

This controlled release helps decrease the frequency of dose administration. If you split Paxil CR in half, it will damage the CR design of the formulation and all of the active ingredients will be released at once. So make sure you don’t split Paxil CR in half. 

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