Can you cut Abilify in half? 

Can you cut Abilify in half? 

You can cut Abilify in half if you find it difficult to swallow the tablets whole or for dose reduction – but only if your healthcare provider approves of this. Ability is an antipsychotic medication and it is crucial to take these meds properly. 

The slightest dose variation can affect the therapeutic efficacy of the drug. If your doctor approves of splitting the tablets in half, you can. However, you still need to be careful. 

Risks associated with cutting Abilify tablets in half

The biggest concern with cutting Abilify tablets in half is content uniformity. Some people may break the tablets into unequal halves – which can cause variations in dose uniformity. 

In such a case, you may end up taking more or less than the prescribed dose. As I stated in the previous section, improper dose administration is not ideal with Abilify, since it is an antipsychotic medication(1)

If your doctor has approved of cutting the tablets, make sure you precisely divide them into equal halves. As long as there is no variation in content uniformity, you can safely take half a tablet. 

Alternatives to cutting Abilify tablets 

It’s always best to discuss your concerns with your healthcare provider prior to doing anything on your own. If you can’t swallow the tablets whole or if you’re cutting the tablet for dose reduction, make sure you talk to your doctor first. 

If there’s any possible alternative for you to take, your provider will guide you accordingly. In usual practice, doctors do advise splitting Abilify tablets and as long as it’s properly done, there’s no harm in that. 

Just make sure you don’t split all of the tablets at once, as it can significantly affect the stability of the drug. Just cut the one you need to take and secure the other half to protect it from moisture damage. 

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