Can you crush or cut Metformin?

Can you crush or cut Metformin?

Yes, you can cut Metformin tablets since they are quite large in size and some people may find it difficult to swallow them. However, not all Metformin dosage forms can be crushed or cut in half. 

If we talk about the usual Metformin 500 mg tablets or other strengths, they are immediate-release dosage forms. This means that the entire medication starts to degrade once inside your stomach and begins to release all of the active ingredients at once. 

However, there are some Metformin formulations that are modified-release dosage forms. Let’s talk about them. 

Never crush extended-release Metformin

Metformin is available in extended-release dosage forms under different brand names, like Glucophage-XR. These medications should never be cut in half or crushed because of how they work. 

Extended-release meds do not disintegrate readily once inside your stomach. The tablets are designed in such a way that they remain intact and slowly release the active drug over an extended period of time. 

Breaking such a tablet will ruin the entire purpose of the formulation and all of the drug will get released at once. It can also increase the risk of side effects like nausea, upset stomach, diarrhoea, etc. This is why you need to make sure you’re crushing only an immediate-release Metformin or the usual Glucophage. 

Final words

It is best to talk to your provider before you start to crush or cut Metformin. If you are not sure what kind of dosage form you have, ask your pharmacist. You can also read the label thoroughly to make sure you are not crushing an extended-release Metformin tablet.

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