Can you crush Bupropion? 

Can you crush Bupropion? 

You can crush or break immediate-release Bupropion tablets if you find it difficult to swallow them whole. You can mix the powder with soft foods like applesauce, pudding, oatmeal, etc. 

However, it’s best to ask your pharmacist regarding the form in which Bupropion tablets are manufactured. Immediate-release tablets can be crushed if they don’t come with specific restrictions(1). However, some tablets are controlled-release and they should never be cut or crushed.

Risks associated with crushing Bupropion tablets

Crushing Bupropion tablets can be a little risky, especially if you are not doing it the right way. The most important concern with crushing Bupropion tablets is inaccurate dosing, as people may end up taking more or less than the prescribed dose.

Bupropion is generally a well-tolerated antidepressant, but improper dose administration can affect your therapeutic expectations. If you keep taking a lesser dose, you will not observe a positive change in your condition in the expected amount of time.

Another concern is the extremely unpleasant taste of the crushed tablet that you may not find palatable and the drug gets absorbed more quickly when it is crushed. This may cause more prominent side effects in some individuals. 

Never crush modified-release Bupropion tablets

Bupropion is also available as Sustained-release or extended-release tablets, which should never be split in half or crushed(2)

Controlled-release tablets are designed in such a way that they release the active ingredient over an extended period of time. If you crush such a tablet, the entire active drug will be released immediately, which may result in an overdose. 

This is why it’s best to ask your doctor or pharmacist if you crush or split the type of Bupropion tablets you are currently taking. If you can’t, then you can ask your pharmacist for an alternative that’s easily available for you to buy. 

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