Can you crush Amiodarone? 

Can you crush Amiodarone? 

Yes, you can crush Amiodarone if you find it difficult to swallow the tablets whole. Amiodarone is also prescribed in children and taking the tablets whole is usually a problem with the pediatric population. 

So, it’s a common practice among parents and other caregivers dealing with children(1). However, it’s still best to talk to your doctor or pharmacist before you do it. Even if you can, you need to understand the right way to do it as safely and properly as possible. 

How to properly crush Amiodarone tablets? 

It’s best to place the tablet in a plastic bag or in between papers and then crush it. This way the powder doesn’t get stuck to anything and can easily be removed. It’s quite important to make sure that you take the exact same dose each day and don’t deviate from your doctor’s directions. 

This is why you should use every bit of that powder to equal the prescribed dose. It is also not recommended to crush and store Amiodarone tablets for later use. Just crush when it’s time to take the dose and don’t let it sit for a long time. 

Alternatives to crushing Amiodarone 

Amiodarone is also available in an oral liquid dosage form. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if the liquid form is available for you to take and if you can safely switch to it. 

If it is possible, then you’ll need to properly understand how much liquid Amiodarone you will have to take to equal the dose prescribed by your healthcare provider. 

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