Can Vimpat be cut in half? 

Can Vimpat be cut in half? 

It is not generally recommended to cut Vimpat tablets in half by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, it’s still the most debated topic among healthcare professionals. 

Some doctors or pharmacists believe that there’s no harm in dividing Vimpat tablets as long as you’re cutting them into two equal halves. They even find it okay to crush the tablets and add them to soft foods like applesauce or pudding to help make it easy for you to ingest them. 

However, some healthcare professionals do not recommend cutting the tablets in half, as it’s difficult to divide them equally and that may result in dose variation(1)

Risks and consequences of cutting Vimpat in half

Vimpat tablets are not scored and it is generally difficult to cut such a tablet into two equal halves by yourself. Since Vimpat is an antiepileptic drug, proper dose administration is crucial with this drug, which seems unlikely with tablet cutting. 

Even if you use a pill cutter, some edges of the tablet may crumble and a few milligrams might get lost this way. Since content uniformity becomes difficult to maintain, you may end up taking more or less than the prescribed dose – which is not an ideal scenario. 

Alternatives to crushing Vimpat tablets 

It’s always best to look for a suitable alternative before opting for tablet cutting, especially when you’re dealing with meds that can affect your brain. Vimpat is also available in an oral liquid dosage form. 

So ask your pharmacist if you can switch to a liquid form of Vimpat and if yes, make sure you know how much of the liquid med you will need to take to equal the dose prescribed by your healthcare provider. 

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