Can Ubrelvy be cut in half? 

Can Ubrelvy be cut in half? 

It is generally not recommended to cut Ubrelvy in half. If you’re struggling with taking the medication whole, you can always consult your healthcare provider. 

There is no proper data available to guarantee the safety of cutting or splitting Ubrelvy tablets. So it’s always best to talk to your doctor if you’re struggling with taking the medication properly or if you can cut or split it safely. 

Risks associated with cutting Ubrelvy in half

There is not enough research available to explain the safety of cut or crushed Ubrelvy tablets or why they could be dangerous(1)

However, cutting the tablets may alter the therapeutic efficacy of the drug, as doing so will expose the enclosed contents to the environment and the release of the drug may get affected. It is also quite difficult to divide these tablets into two equal halves as they are not scored. 

Even if you use a pill cutter, there’s a chance that some of the edges may crack, which can affect the content uniformity of the tablets. Unequal halves do not have a similar amount of drug and you may end up taking more or less than the prescribed dose. 

Alternatives to crushing Ubrelvy 

It’s best to talk to your healthcare professional for a proper alternative to crushing Ubrelvy. Since the tablet is not a suitable one to split, your provider may suggest another treatment strategy for your symptoms. 

Just don’t crush the tablets without consulting your doctor first, as there’s no guarantee regarding their safety and efficacy. 

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