Can Pravastatin be crushed? 

Can Pravastatin be crushed? 

Pravastatin can be crushed if you have difficulty swallowing the tablets whole. However, it’s still best to discuss this with your healthcare provider. 

Although it is not considered suitable to crush tablets in general, some people may not be able to swallow them – like elderly individuals or those with difficulty in swallowing.

Such people may crush Pravastatin and add it to soft foods like applesauce or pudding to help provide ease in administration. 

Risks associated with crushing Pravastatin 

Crushing Pravastatin or any other tablets is generally risky because of a number of reasons. Swallowing the tablet in one single motion is considered far better than consuming the crushed bitter powder. However, the taste is not the only issue. 

The manufacturers of this medication have not stated anything regarding splitting or crushing the medication, and we have no data to conclude whether or not the crushed tablets are safe to take(1)

Crushing the tablets may alter the rate of absorption and overall bioavailability of the active medication. This is why it’s best to discuss this with your doctor before you opt for taking Pravastatin tablets this way. 

Alternatives to crushing Pravastatin 

It’s best to ask your doctor or pharmacist for a suitable alternative before you start crushing Pravastatin tablets. Pravastatin is also available in oral liquid dosage form, and you may get your hands on it. 

Ask your pharmacist if you can safely switch to the liquid form and how much liquid medication you will need to take to equal the dose prescribed by your healthcare provider. 

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