Can Plavix be crushed? 

Can Plavix be crushed? 

Yes, Plavix (Clopidogrel) can be crushed if you find it difficult to swallow the tablets whole. Although it is always preferred to take tablets as they are, some people may not be able to do so. 

For such people, Plavix can be safely crushed and mixed in soft foods like applesauce or pudding to help provide ease in administration. 

In fact, this practice is also common in hospitals to administer the medication to people with tablet phobia or those who can’t swallow the tablet because of some health condition(1).

Potential risks associated with crushing Plavix tablets 

When crushing Plavix tablets, some of the powder content can stick to the sides of the container you’re putting it in, and it may cause dose variation if you don’t scrape that off and take it as well. 

This is why you need to make sure that you take every last bit of the crushed tablet to take the exact same dose that your doctor has prescribed – every single time. 

It is also not recommended to let the mixture of crushed tablets sit for a long period of time. So, don’t ever store it for later use. It’s definitely not overnight oats. You should crush the tablet only when you need to take it. 

As long as you follow the instructions properly, you can safely take crushed Plavix tablets for as long as you want. In fact, crushed tablets may start working earlier and give you better bioavailability if you do it in the right way. 

Just make sure you take Plavix properly and at the proper time. If you are confused about taking Plavix, please reach out to your doctor or pharmacist.

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you’re concerned about anything 

It’s best to reach out to your healthcare provider if you’re confused about the right way to crush the tablets. Your provider will guide you accordingly. If there’s any possible alternative that your doctor can suggest to you, he/she probably will. 

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