Can Lyrica and Celexa be taken together? (+3 benefits)

In this article, we will discuss whether Celexa and Lyrica be taken together. We will also discuss some research studies and the benefits and risks of this combination.

Can Lyrica and Celexa be taken together?

Yes, Lyrica (Pregabalin) and Celexa (Citalopram) can be taken together, but only on the recommendation of your healthcare provider.

Both of these medications are effective in treating generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Your doctor may prescribe Lyrica if you are not responding well to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as Celexa in treating GAD.

Celexa is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor that increases serotonin levels by blocking its reuptake in brain cells and serotonin regulates sleep, anxiety, appetite, stress responses and several other mental health conditions (1).

Lyrica, on the other hand, is a medication to treat epilepsy. It works by stopping the activity of specific channels responsible for calcium flow in the brain, which helps in the release of a variety of excitatory neurotransmitters (2).

An abundance of these chemical messengers increases the electrical activity in your brain which leads to overexcitement of neurons that causes seizures. Lyrica inhibits this phenomenon and decreases the intensity and frequency of your convulsive episodes (2).

The combination of both medications is quite effective and they should be used as directed by your doctor.

What does research suggest?

There is limited research data related to the concurrent use of Lyrica and Celexa. A study was conducted to examine the effects of Lyrica in patients with depression who are already taking antidepressants (3).

The results showed that Lyrica helped patients with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) who did not respond well to SSRIs alone (3).

Another research examined 197 patients; some received Lyrica and others received a placebo ( a fake pill ) for 6 weeks. It was found that patients who took Lyrica had less pain and felt better in terms of anxiety, depression and sleep (4).

So this study suggested that Lyrica can be helpful for people with depression who are already on antidepressants (4).

Lyrica is known to help with anxiety disorders, and it might be a useful addition to medications like SSRIs or SNRIs. This is because Lyria works through a mechanism related to GABA, which can be effective in treating chronic depression (5).

Pregabalin is often taken with other antidepressants like Duloxetine and Fluoxetine.

What are the benefits of taking Lyrica and Celexa together?

The combination of Lyrica and Celexa holds some significant clinical importance. These include:

Lyrica and Celexa combination Advantages
Pain management When used in combination, Lyrica and Celexa can effectively treat severe neuropathic pain. Additionally, this drug combination is effective in treating fibromyalgia (a condition marked by extreme fatigue, mood swings, muscle pain and soreness) (6,7).

Combination therapy offers the benefit of allowing you to see lower doses of each drug to get your desired results with fewer side effects as compared to raising the dosage of a single medication.

Anxiety disorder

Both Lyrica and Celexa are used for handling depressive symptoms. Celexa might require 4-6 weeks to show its effects. However, when paired with Lyrica, the combined treatment demonstrates a quicker onset of action. 

Major depressive disorder (MDD)

When you suffer from illnesses like major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, this drug combination improves your emotional well-being and helps you feel happier and less depressed (6,7).

What are the risks of combining Lyrica and Celexa?

While using Lyrica and Celexa together offers advantages, their simultaneous usage also brings potential risks due to interaction between the medications. An unusually low blood salt level or hyponatremia is an uncommon side effect of this combination.

When certain anticonvulsants, including pregabalin, are used in combination with SSRIs, it may exacerbate anticonvulsant’s negative effects on the central nervous system, including sleepiness and reduced motor and cognitive performance.

Celexa by lowering the seizure threshold in susceptible individuals, can trigger seizures and reduce the effectiveness of anticonvulsant drugs such as Lyrica.

What are the precautions while using Lyrica and Celexa together?

Precautions to be taken when using Lyrica and Celexa together include:

  • Tell your doctor if you are allergic to either Lyrica or Celexa.
  • Make sure to let your doctor know about any other medications or supplements you are currently using.
  • Your doctor must be aware of your family or medical history before prescribing you the combination of Lyrica or Celexa.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol, as it can add to the drowsiness caused by these medications.
  • Avoid driving while taking Lyrica and Celexa together.
  • Electrolyte levels should be monitored while taking Lyrica and Celexa together.
  • If you are having surgery, inform your doctor that you are taking a combination of Lyrica and Celexa.
  • If you are planning to become pregnant, inform your doctor as these medications have sexual side effects.

Based on my research analysis, the combination of Lyrica and Celexa may be effective for patients with GAD and depression. Your doctor may prescribe you a combination of Lyrica and Celexa if you do not respond well to Celexa alone.

However, if you notice any side effects when using this combination, do not stop taking these medications on your own. Always consult your doctor if you notice any bothersome side effects.


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