Can Irbesartan be cut in half? 

Can Irbesartan be cut in half? 

Yes, you can cut Irbesartan in half. You can also crush the tablets if you find it difficult to swallow them whole. However, it’s still best to discuss this with your doctor. 

If you’re doing it for dose reduction, you need to make sure you’re not reducing your dose on your own and this is something that your doctor has advised. Improper dose administration of Irbesartan can fail to manage your blood pressure effectively, which is not something anyone would want. 

Important points to remember when cutting Irbesartan tablets

There are some important points to remember when you are cutting Irbesartan or any other medication in half. As long as you take care of the things discussed below, you can safely split the tablets(1).

  • Make sure you cut the tablet into two equal halves. Unequal drug splitting can cause variation in dose uniformity and you may end up taking more or less than the prescribed dose. 
  • Do not cut all of the tablets at once. Just cut the one you’re about to take.
  • Properly secure the other half of the tablet if you’re not taking it right away – to protect it from moisture damage. 
  • If you’re crushing the tablet, make sure you consume the entire tablet.
  • Do not change the dose prescribed by your healthcare provider. 

Alternatives to cutting Irbesartan tablets

It’s best to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about an alternative to cutting Irbesartan tablets before you actually start doing it. If your doctor approves of cutting the tablets, he/she will guide you accordingly. 

You may have to get a pill splitting for cutting the tablets into two equal halves for proper uniformity of dose distribution. In any case, you should take the same amount of medication each day to get the best therapeutic outcome. 

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