Can you use expired Xopenex? 

Can you use expired Xopenex? 

You can use Xopenex if it has recently expired. Research studies show that asthma inhalers can remain good 6 months to a year past their expiration date and you can use them safely. However, it is not recommended to use Xopenex which expired more than a year ago. 

This is because at some point past its expiration date, Xopenex begins to lose its potency and it doesn’t work as efficiently as its unexpired version does. So make sure you avoid using expired Xopenex and any other medication for that matter (1).

What are the possible dangers associated with the use of expired Xopenex? 

A recently expired Xopenex is still effective so it is not associated with any danger. In fact, the one that expired long ago is also non-toxic, but it’s inefficient as well. This is why I would not recommend using Xopenex which expired more than a year ago, especially if you’re at the peak of your asthma symptoms. 

If you are a chronic Xopenex user, you should not have an expired inhaler. This indicates non-adherence. Make sure you take your treatment seriously and use medications as directed by your healthcare provider. 

What to do if you have used expired Xopenex? 

There’s nothing you need to do if you are using a recently expired Xopenex. You can continue to use it for 6 months to a year safely. However, if more time has passed, talk to your healthcare provider and get a new prescription instead of relying on an expired medication. 

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