Can you cut Zantac in half? 

Can you cut Zantac in half?

It is not generally recommended to cut Zantac in half and the tablets aren’t scored to break them evenly into two equal halves. However, if you have a high dose of Zantac available and you want to cut the tablets in half, reach out to your doctor or pharmacist. 

Tablet cutting is a common practice, but not every medication has guaranteed safety and efficacy when it comes to cutting and crushing them. 

Risks associated with cutting Zantac 

Zantac tablets are not scored and it is quite difficult to cut such tablets into two equal halves. Content uniformity is generally the reason why most doctors recommend against cutting unscored tablets(1)

Even if you use a tablet cutter, you may end up cracking the tablets and some pieces may break down. This results in variation in dose uniformity and you might end up taking more or less than the dose you’re supposed to take. This is why it’s best to avoid cutting such tablets. 

Alternatives to cutting Zantac

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist for an alternative to cutting Zantac tablets. You can purchase a lower Zantac dose if you easily can. There are plenty of acid reducers and your doctor may recommend something easier to take if you experience difficulty swallowing. 

There are plenty of liquid antacids as well that can help you with your symptoms. Just reach out to your healthcare professional to get the most suitable advice. 

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