Can Carvedilol be cut in half? 

Can Carvedilol be cut in half? 

Carvedilol can be cut in half if you find it difficult to swallow the tablets whole, but it’s best to consult your healthcare provider before you do that. 

Cutting Carvedilol tablets is not that easy because these tablets are not scored and you can’t just snap them into two equal halves. You will need to use a proper pill cutter if your doctor approves of this.

Risks associated with cutting Carvedilol tablets in half

Carvedilol tablets are not scored and they have failed the content uniformity test multiple times. This means that the two halves of the tablet may not contain an equal amount of active drug, which can result in dose variation. 

If you take unequal halves of the drug, you may end up taking more or less than the prescribed dose. Even if you use a very sharp pill cutter, you still need to be highly precise and two equal halves in size may still vary in dose. 

This is why it’s best to swallow this medication whole. If you’re concerned about it and can’t seem to do it, talk to your doctor or pharmacist for an alternative. 

Important precautions for Carvedilol extended-release capsules

Carvedilol is also available in extended-release capsules, which slowly release the drug over an extended period of time in your body. Ensure you do not cut, crush, or chew the capsule’s contents(1)

Doing so can ruin the extended-release mechanism and the entire drug will get released at once. However, you can open the capsule and carefully add the contents to soft foods if you can’t swallow the capsule whole. However, make sure the granules are not crushed while you’re consuming them.

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