Can Bystolic be cut in half? 

Can Bystolic be cut in half? 

Yes, Bystolic (Nebivolol) tablets can be cut in half if you find it difficult to swallow them whole. If you’re trying that for dose reduction, it’s best to ask your healthcare provider first if you can safely reduce the dose and if you should. 

Some people may try tablet splitting for cost reduction and it does work. However, you need to be sure whether or not you can properly split the tablet before you actually do so. 

Risks associated with cutting Bystolic tablets in half 

Bystolic tablets are not scored, which is the biggest concern when it comes to tablet splitting. When tablets are scored, you can easily snap them into two equal halves and dose uniformity is usually not a problem. 

However, unscored tablets could be difficult to cut into two equal halves. If you fail to divide the med properly, you will end up taking more or less than the prescribed dose, which is not ideal for your health condition(1)

So, you should either use a proper tablet cutter or a very sharp knife to ensure equal dose distribution of Bystolic. 

Make sure you take the right dose and do not end up taking more than you intend to take. Bystolic can cause some side effects, like nausea, dizziness, acid reflux, etc which may worsen after taking a higher dose.

Alternatives to cutting Bystolic tablets

It’s best to ask your doctor or pharmacist before cutting the tablets or if there is any alternative that can help you avoid doing so. 

Your healthcare professional will guide you properly and if it’s safe to split the tablets, he/she will tell you the most proper and safe way to do it. Make sure you don’t reduce your dose without your doctor’s approval. 

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