Can Amlodipine be cut in half? 

Can Amlodipine be cut in half? 

Yes, you can cut Amlodipine tablets in half if you find it difficult to swallow them whole. These tablets are generally safe to split as long as you’re dividing them into two halves, which is essential for uniform dose distribution among the two halves of the tablet. 

However, it’s always best to ask your doctor or pharmacist before cutting your tablets. 

Risks associated with cutting Amlodipine tablets in half 

Amlodipine tablets can be cut in half, but they can cause damage to the pills if you don’t do it the right way. Tablets are generally sensitive to moisture, as it can affect the stability of the med. When the tablet is intact, there are fewer chances of moisture penetrating it. 

However, when you cut the tablet and don’t properly secure the other half that you’re not taking right away, moisture can penetrate through the exposed part of the drug and will start affecting the stability and purity of your med. 

This is why you need to secure the other half properly and only cut the tablet before taking it. Don’t cut your entire prescription of Amlodipine at once. 

Another important thing is uniform dose distribution. If you fail to split the tablet into two equal halves, you will end up taking more or less than the prescribed dose. 

Alternatives to cutting Amlodipine tablets 

If you don’t want to cut Amlodipine tablets but still struggle to swallow them whole, you can disperse the drug in a glass of water. However, make sure you drink it right away and don’t let it sit for too long(1)

Amlodipine is also available in an oral liquid dosage form. You can ask your doctor or pharmacist for a liquid alternative. Make sure you know exactly how much liquid Amlodipine you will have to take to equal the dose prescribed by your healthcare provider. 

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